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Haaaaaaaai~ domoooo~~ ! Requests are now closed, please see the next journal to vote!

Welcome to Nekoni-sama's Christmas Everybody Requests!~

Request an artwork for a christmas present, from me, to you, my watchers! The most popular ideas will be drawn~ or basicly animated! *wink* Make your request as complicated or as simple as you like! Ask me to draw one picture, with one or multiple characters, from any series, or even originals! Request them in a specific style (or my own), throw in some randomness or crazy, then leave your idea to the public vote! Request more than one image if you like (they must be seperate comments!), you never know, you might be a :dance: genius at ideas:dance:!

Requesting will last for a few days, and then a voting round will begin! In the voting round, I will post a journal with a summary of your request and link to your comment on it. You will get replies on your comment with a yet to be released key word, each reply counts as a vote! The winning requests will be drawn this december for all of you, as many as I can manage!
I will combine any super-similar requests, and exclude any I feel I can't draw, but don't worry, go for it! Ask for anything~!

Ready, set, request!!

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For all ye bored ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to give you something to try~ 

Mekaku City Actors is a something of a slice of life take on superheroes. It can be really frustrating to watch... if you're waiting for answers. The artwork is very bizare and references the songs on which the series is based, and another thing that people seem to hate... so, you've been warned. Howeeever it's funny, the characters are interesting, it's unpredictable, unique, and to the front and foremost- it's very deep, so much so that if you understand what you just watched immediately after the last episode, you're an absolute genius. (I do recommend knowing about japanese lore- and not the Supernatural 'it's a wolf-kami so it's a japanese chick with sharp teeth' level) I even think the artstyle is really pleasant, if the designs are a little clunky because of its indie roots.

So give it a try, if you don't like it, run fast! If you have some suggestions of your own, I'd like to try more new things without having to randomly watch anime and end up with moe moe idol girl dystopian robot fighters again.

And if you have watched Mekaku City Actors... did you get it? =)
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Yup, I've come out of my shell for a little while! That's because, have you heard the news? Everyone's heard the news...

It's time to say goodbye to a great manga. 15 years in the making! Though I'll admit I wasn't with it for so long, it's definitely something that's given me and millions of others a great amount of joy. I would say I'm sad to see it go, but good stories end, and I'm curious to see what it might've inspired in its run =)

I'm sure a lot of you out there have more inspirational stories than me, I just enjoyed it as a fan, I didn't get into it as a kid, but it definitely lead me to new friends, a new way to look at art and stories.. all that wonderful stuff! Feel free to share your stories below / link to your own homages in the comments :heart:

So, yes, that's it. Naruto is... finished.

Apart from a movie and spinoff series or two. But anyone who watched the Dragonball series (and any DragonballGT) know where that is going.

Overall, Naruto was a great series with solid themes, that've appealed to a large audience, (I can't say I've ever been the target demographic, but it still works, mostly) Coming up to the end, it did dovetail in quality and lost its grip on me, but I think that was mostly from editorial pressure rushing the story line, so I won't hold it against Kishimoto, he's a great author and did a great job with what he had, and I won't hold it against others for being deeper into it than I, as it really is a world class story.

I found the storytelling techniques, the pacing, the depth, the art style, all so accessible. I do think maybe it would've ended with a crescendo if a little sooner, - or even a little later with more build up / focus on sasuke, but ending on chapter 700 was clearly important, for whatever reason.

So, onto review!

--|--|--|--|Chapters 699 + 700 - spoiler warning! though you've totally been spoiled already so hahhh.|--|--|--|--

I'd like to be honest, I consider chapter 699 to be the actual ending. I'll explain why! It's a bit rushed, but it's definitely an ending. Sasuke apologizing and being nice... naw.....  turns out he was just a massive, massive, massive tsundere. And all you had to do was keep chasing him. Because he was scared of the pain of losing loved ones. Aren't character monologues the best?

I'm not even sure what to say to Sasuke's turn around, because as far as I'm concerned, he went waaay past the moral event horizon. I mean trying to kill the people you love? *cough* there are multiple ways to get around that fear, and that is probably the stupidest. Still you pull adorable 'the tsundere has been tickled!' faces. So hhh. Whatever! My suspension of disbelief for this story was shattered a long time ago, so I won't try and rationalize you and your team's insanity. =X

I actually consider the last chapter (chapter 700) more shoe-horned in for the spin off to try make the spin-off feel more canon. I can't help it, there's been so little romance IN Naruto that I can't think of chapter 700 as the natural 'last chapter'... if Kishimoto thought that knowing official pairings would be the most satisfying thing for all fans, he would've started earlier) Maybe I wouldn't think it was a prequel if; - they hadn't all had kids at exactly the same time... and they were doing something with themselves other than having kids. Yes, Naruto's Hokage, which could be the focus of the chapter in itself (seeing him pestered by his peers, handling paper work, some remark from Sakura about how he's 'really shown the whole world his ninja spirit', I would love that) but Naruto's-hokage-now-let's-get-to-know-his-kid. I may think the storytelling has decreased in quality in the past 100 chapters, but I don't think for a second Kishimoto's the kind of author who'd ignore closing the main characters stories to focus on their offspring, -unless- he was told they -needed- offspring for the spin-off.

And, because offspring are needed for the spinoff, you get to know the pairings. Pairings by proxy, by corporate decision... ah. Isn't that the best kind? And, naturally, all the most popular pairings are canon. Except for Choji because --- he wasn't a most popular pairing, (BUT I LOVE HIS KID. SHE IS THE BEST.) and Neji-Tenten, because Neji wasn't important enough a story (bitter sarcasm) to live.

And on the topic of Hyuugas...  Hinata is amazingly cute... she has such a nice basis. When I got into Naruto, I immediately gravitated towards her, I love her type... softly spoken, shy, proper, not too dazzling, a Yamato Nadeshiko. But she does nothing. Hinata is inactive...  in fact I'm only bringing her up because her and Naruto getting together is presented as a happy ending, and I just can't do that with so little character involvement. Sure, she stalks him, and says his name, and thinks about how awesome he is... but is that enough?

After I read far in enough to the story to realize she wasn't going to do anything, I started to ignore her. Which was incredibly easy. I don't even care if she marries Naruto- there's nothing there for me to look at... I mean I sincerely wish there was, but I've been pretty darn happy focusing on the plot of Naruto, and the characters I like, (for their own sake, not their pairing potential) I ship Naruto's plot, and character integrity, things that contravene that, I don't like.

Neji had to die so Hinata could do something, (which was hold Naruto's hand, and in these two chapters, be at Neji's grave.) I was properly curious as to how Naruto would be able to correct the slavery problem, in a way that didn't involve the slave dying saying 'I did it willingly, because I had HOPE you'd help me /accept my fate'. Oh jeez. Revolutionary plot tie up there.

Maybe she'll do something in THE LAST movie. It's a bit of an afterthought, I honestly, -honestly-, wish she'd had more story within the manga, whether she marries the main character or not. I just like characters that do things...

Something like stopping Naruto from cutting their daughter's hair. For shame! He probably used a wind shuriken rasengan... (*cough*goodlordthekidisugly.)

And as for Naruto's parenting skills! Now he's married to a chick who thinks he can do no wrong, no-one's told him to not say to his son, 'I hold everyone in this village just as important as you'. Agh. But I'm sure in the spinoff series, poor little Bolt, (who has to have issues, so he can be just like his daddy.) Poor little Bolt will learn the important lesson, that Naruto is always right, and he really shouldn't expect fatherly attention. Mind you- the standard in american movies is always: 'Hey, your son misses you! You keep missing his baseball matches for work!' 'Oh. OH! OKAY I QUIT WORK!' - yeah, that'd be stupid too. But so is not at least telling his son he loves him MORE than other people. I mean, holy hotpocket... are we allowed to say 'OOC' for canon? We've spent 700 chapters following him around. Yes.

On the subject of terrible parents... Sasuke. Sakura is CLEARLY unemployed. What are you doing, man? And Sakura... why... are you only shown at home wearing an apron? If you were a real person, of course I'd say, 'I respect your choice' and I would...  but it just seems, in Naruto, everyone made the choice to settle down and do nothing? (Except Tenten, who had no Neji to be paired with?) And all this character destruction is so there were kids ready for the spin off? I mean the implication here is, that it really WAS Sakura's dream to marry Sasuke, and so all that cool stuff she did, that was just stuff she had to do to seduce stinky-pants mctsundere? Cry. Cry.

Team 7... so many unfortunate implications.

Well, that's my thoughts on it! Add your own, here, there, wherever! It's the last time we get to do this... so it's special! =3

--|--|--|--|Now what should we read/watch!?|--|--|--|--

Stumped? Terrified of life without Naruto? Let's share suggestions for anime and manga series to check out!  I'll share a few... not the most oblique but not the most popular that you might like to check out:  Magi The Labrynth of Magic - (shonen) (manga and anime), Nurarihyon no Mago (shonen) (manga and anime), Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika (anime) (mature shojo? political and horror), Baccano (seinen/mystery/horror) (I only watched anime), Angel Beats (shoujo) (I only watched anime), Kaichou wa Maido-sama (shoujo) (manga and anime), Kamisama Hajimemashita (shoujo) (manga and anime)
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A serious caution for all aspiring manga artists, concerning Shonen Jump's Manga award. If you're planning to enter, or your friend is planning to enter, forward them to this journal.

Shonen Jump is currently running a manga competition at

As a whole, Shonen Jump, who in all other respects is my favourite 'comic' magazine, is great. They've steered clear of major controversy, they try to publish non-offensive, youth-friendly material, and they try and pull together great creative teams and talent and produce some of the world's most famous series. It's really cool of them to open up their competition to international audiences...

So the basic spin of the competition that Shonen Jump is running is dazzling. Manga artists and enthusiasts from all over the world are invited to submit their work, the only requirements being page size and appropriate penmanship. Anyone can enter. There are three categories, one is Japanese, one is English, one is Chinese. Each individual category has a prize of 500,000 yen (around $5000), and then the overall winner recieves an additional 500,000 yen. The contest entries are published on their website, where the winners are selected by public vote, and the overall winning entries -may- be published in Shonen Jump magazines.

Awesome! Except... for one little detail.

'All rights including the publication rights, the screening stage rights, adaptation to animation or live action video of the submitted works shall belong to Shueisha.'
(Source, 2nd to last paragraph,… )

...come again?

''All rights including the publication rights, the screening stage rights, adaptation to animation or live action video of the submitted works shall belong to Shueisha.''

This sentence states, that if you enter, you will no longer have any rights over your work. Whether you win or lose.

And yes, an agreement in this form is valid, and legally binding. (… if you're in doubt)

Three people will be lucky and sign away all their rights for $5,000. But thousands of other entrants are going to sign away their legal rights to their creations for a grand total of $0.  (it says -submissions- are subject to this) Thousands of young, aspirational, creative, artists are going to do this. Artists who don't necessarily know what it is that they're doing.

While I admit, it's hardly a concealed sentence, and so people should be able to read and understand it and decide for themselves whether it's worth it, from what I've seen from the majority of comments posted on multiple online forums, most people who do see and read that sentence are completely clueless as to it's meaning. They ask 'what does this sentence mean?' and assume it's some complex legal concept that can't possibly mean what it -seems- to mean. You can't blame someone who is, most likely a high school student, for not knowing about publication rights.

However, if you do understand that you'll no longer legally own your entry (and all the intellectual property used within it) and will no longer retain any control over it, effectively having to pretend it doesn't exist- and that is acceptable to you, then go ahead and enter. There are, potentially, absolutely incredible pay-offs if you win. But if you lose, you lose your manga. If you are not willing to play such high stakes, or if you feel the story you were going to enter is simply too good or too dear to gamble away on the small chance of winning and the high chance of losing, don't enter. It's a great idea to enter- but only with a story you consider disposable.

- Please share this information with other artists you think who might be affected, thank you!-

Questions and Answers for Entrants

Q: Why would Shonen Jump want -all- the rights?
A: Firstly... security. If they have all the rights, you do not have the option to contest or to sue them for anything, either within the competition or further down the line (my buissiness-law student friend informs me that this is almost certainly the case. So that if they publish a similar idea later, you can't sue them, as if you did they'd have to put a series on hiatus while the court case was ongoing) Secondly, (and this is common in competitions) so that if you're good, and you win, and they want your series, there is no other option than for it to be published through them, as they see fit. These things are great for them, but leaves you in a completely vulnerable position.

Q: If they want my manga so much that they take the rights, and they want a serialisation, that means they'll want me to write/draw it, right? I'll be a mangaka, right!? They said they'd publish it, right!?
A: No, they said they might publish contesting entries. Even if they later decide to serialise your manga, it's very unlikely they'd want you- someone who lives in a foreign country, has no work visa, and doesn't speak or write japanese, to work on it. As you no longer own the rights, you have no say in whether or not they chose to do this, and have nothing to bargain with.

Q: Is this a normal way to run a competition in Japan?
A: I've no idea. Would you enter if it was normal? If you want Shonen Jump to see your work, and don't like the conditions, send them your portfolio.

Q: Is one sentence on a website, which doesn't look to be written by qualified legal practitioner, really valid as a legal agreement?
A: Yes. (… explains the criteria necessary for it to be legal, and the competition meets these criteria)

Q: If I email them and they tell me that my rights won't be taken, then should I hold them to that?
A: No, the publicly announced conditions would probably override any emails with website moderators, if it ever came to a conflict. They didn't write it into the entry conditions for no reason.

Q: Surely they only take your rights if you win the 500,000 yen?
A: 'All rights including the publication rights, the screening stage rights, adaptation to animation or live action video of the submitted works shall belong to Shueisha.'

Q: Do Shonen Jump really need all those rights in order to run the competition?
A: No. They'd need something more in line with the submissions section dA's terms of service. They'd need a non-exclusive global licence  or an exclusive global licence limited to the time-scale of the competition. They would not, in any conceivable universe, require the rights to live-action-video in order to put your art on their website. They're just protecting themselves, legally, at your expense.

Q: Will they own the files I send in, or what? It wasn't specific.
A: The conditions claim that they will have 'all rights' over your entry. The fact it excludes nothing means it includes every character, concept and setting presented within your entry.

Q: Can't I just make a sacrificial story, and submit that?
A: Absolutely, go ahead! 

Q: What can I do with my manga after this competition?
A: It's not your manga any more. You have the right to use it in your portfolio, but that's it.

Q: Do you seriously think Shonen Jump's lawyers will come after me if I continue to work on my manga after the competition?
A: I honestly don't think that, I think it's so they can protect themselves. But if you become successful, they may become interested in claiming their property. And the fact that you've already given Shonen Jump the rights will mean no other publisher will want it.

Q: I've already entered and I want out! What can I do?
A: Write to them requesting your exemption from the competition. If you're under parental care, get your parent to write in instead. They probably won't care about keeping your entry and will allow you to back out.

A: How do I get my manga's rights back after the competition?
Q: Probably just ask for them. If you don't win the competitions, they've no reason to place any value on your story, and won't want any trouble over it.

Disclaimer: I do not do this with any insight into Shonen Jump's intentions, but as someone who is both a published artist and who has consulted widely published authors, and can offer at least a little insight into creator's rights, and what appears to be being offered and requested in lieu of entering this competition. If you have further questions, please write a comment and I'll help if I can.
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You'll probably love it, because we have similar tastes!

So recently I've been trying a lot of new anime. I think that's a 'good habit' I've developed, trying new things! ...most of these animes that I try... suck. And I say that in a completely scientific capacity. It's hard to find anything good!

But I did. Whilst listening to Vocaloid songs- I noticed some particularly unusual anime character designs used as the video. I liked them. I looked them up...

It turned out they belong to an anime is called---- 'Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic' - that's its full title! Stupid name.... kind of. Kind of smart. This anime is a match made in heaven for people who are fans of shonen series like Naruto, KHR, Ao No Exorcist, Fairy Tail... you've probably not heard of it, because it's only been airing for three months. Though clearly some people have already seen it, or else I'd never have found it =3 I'd like to share this with new people who will enjoy it!

The anime's an ecliptic mix with vague connotations of Aladdin. I mean the main character's name is Aladdin, and you'll recognize other names, but that's it; they're only borrowed names.

Things that you might benifit from knowing:
'Magi' means 'Wise man', and lends itself to 'mage' and 'magician'. You'll see which of these fits Aladdin.
'Djinn' is the name of a free-willed fire spirit/demon who may or may not be bound to an object. 'The genie of the lamp' is just a Djinn. Knowing this will just make you less confused!
'Labyrinth ' is a 1980's family horror movie staring David Bowie the Goblin King who steals babies to lure teenage girls into his inescapable maze, called a 'labyrinth.

This anime is set in a fictional counterpart to south and west asia- (possibly a small part of east asia (as the original Aladdin stories were set in China)) so... yeah. If you really honestly want to watch anime that's set exclusively in Japan, because it's Japan you love, stay away from this one. However, if you like it when anime explores a Whole New World, a new fantastic point of view (HAHAHA JOKED.) watch this. Watch this hard.

Oh yeah, it's originally a manga. And it's totally full of fighting, explosions, and topics, such as slavery, that'll be hard to dub over. And there's even a blue, headless body.

A blue, headless body you say? Now that I gotta' see!
So, here I am, eating some cup ramen and waiting for my computer to finish updating some files that it suddenly decided it needed (at its convenience, not mine.). Now's a good a time as any to write my chapter reviews!

- naruto spoilers below - naruto spoilers below - naruto spoilers below - naruto spoilers below - naruto spoilers below - naruto spoilers below - naruto spoilers below - naruto spoilers below - naruto spoilers below - naruto spoilers below - naruto spoilers below - naruto spoilers below -

So at the end of chapter 617, which I didn't review because the most I had to say was, 'Wai, Akamaru kawaii!' which is... sort of... anyway. At the end of the chapter, we saw SASUKE and co. Sasuke and Juugo and Suigetsu and Orochimaru. Yes, I am reminding you of their names, it's been so long that they're easily forgotten. Anyway! ... their sudden appearance was suspicious, I said to my buddy Mario, 'Hey, Orochimaru's here. He's gonna' do something RANDOM!!!'

I'm always right about these things.

Orochimaru, who's out to prove that knowledge is power, goes an old Uzumaki clan ruin and collects a random artifact of power which conveniently exists.

Meanwhile, Sasuke copies Naruto's original return to Konoha and goes and stands on top of what looks to be the same building that Naruto stood on, but he faces to the right of the image, not the left. This is a huge heap of MEANINGFUL IMAGERY about him being villainous and Naruto's wife and other such things. It was adorable.

More stuff happens- I'm not gonna' explain it, you read the chapter! Orochimaru summoned the four hokages, owned Zetsu, changed bodies- he's had a busy day. The most important part of his day of course is the summoning of the four hokages...

Although I'm surprised, I'm not unhappy about this. I really enjoy the fact that Oro threw some random spices into the long big epic battle between the ninja army and the pokémon trainers. What those random spices are? I'm not sure.... however I have a very strong feeling that, whatever Orichimaru does, it's not going to help Madara and Tobi. There is absolutely no reason for him to support the moons eye plan; he's got as much to loose as everybody else, and he has the added kick of being the only person to have ever spent an extended time in a false, happy dream (as he was sealed away by Itachi's Jutsu with the forgettable name). But even then I can't be sure, he's a psychopath!

I'm not thinking that Naruto will fight Minato. Although it's dramatic... it's no where near dramatic enough. Can you imagine him fighting Minato AFTER defeating the Juubi, Tobi AND Madara??? Yegads, talk about an anti-climax! No, what I'd like to point out, instead, is (remember y'all!) that Minato has half of the Kyuubi's chakra sealed inside of him, and that needs to be returned to the Juubi/ or Naruto, before Naruto can win. I think it's the 'Yang' half. It'll probably result in another epic power up and new costume design. And don't forget, after the battle's over, all the crazy cool people like me think that Naruto will absorb the chakra of all the tailed beasts into his wonderful Uzumaki tummy and hitchhike through time to become the Sage dude who created the ninja world. And he'll take Hinata with him to keep him company, because you all asked so nicely.

- bleach spoilers below - bleach spoilers below - bleach spoilers below - bleach spoilers below - bleach spoilers below - bleach spoilers below - bleach spoilers below - bleach spoilers below - bleach spoilers below - bleach spoilers below - bleach spoilers below - bleach spoilers below

My Bleach review shall be brief...

Bleach provides us with a lot of pretty art, and some important life lessons. This week's lesson was as such.... If you haven't seen a flashback of a characters formative moments.... (whether they be childhood, or the day they decided to behave the way they do) then that character is probably, actually, super strong. That or they ran out of air time. Take your pick.

But in Bleach, yeah! As Ichigo gets stronger, let's go on a power-trip! Any available character is being given new powers so Ichigo doesn't look like such a godmoder! This is levelling up, DBZ style! You all knew that Son Goku was the strongest, was going to save the day... but that doesn't mean you wanted to see Vegeta and co quit and not at least try to be awesome too.

Still, even though I understand why this battle between Unohana and Kepachi was written... that it's necessary for the upcoming battles.... it's not that exciting. I usually think Ken's fights are God's gift to awesomeness- but Unohana's the complete opposite. I know the anime's discontinued, but reading the chapter I'm imagining her voice, polite and passionless, going on and on and on and... and I just can't care... sowwee.

It's so nice to look at though!

Spoilers complete!
Some geniuses have made a 'Live Action Toy Story' and posted it on YouTube.

The whole thing.

Shot for shot.

That's some fanaticism!

You can watch the video at… - it took around 30 people 3 years to create! However, I'm sure it's worth it! Millions of people are tuning in to watch Toy Story be performed by actual toys!

The whole thing is shot for shot accurate. There's accurate sets, characters, action, lighting... dogs. This level of dedication makes the rest of us fans look like disinterested bystanders... And, might I add,they cast most of the toys' characters PERFECTLY!

Interesting fact, Disney's seen it, and given it their blessing! Apparently Disney gave them both permission to distribute it on YouTube, and a free trip to Pixar Animation Studios!
Yeaaaah Chapter Reviews! Why? Because stuff's happened in the mangas! Horray for manga!

So.... Naruto. First.

- naruto spoilers below - naruto spoilers below - naruto spoilers below - naruto spoilers below - naruto spoilers below - naruto spoilers below - naruto spoilers below - naruto spoilers below - naruto spoilers below - naruto spoilers below - naruto spoilers below - naruto spoilers below -

I've been enjoying this battle. Naruto, Killer B, Kakashi, Gai, Tobito and Uchiha Madara. Way to stick the fan favourites in the same place!!! It's been good, a mix between cool moves and plain fighting.... I outright applauded though when Kakashi used Kamui to punch Tobito in the gut in the Kamui dimension. I've been loving the Tobito - Kakashi interactions...

As for Tobito's motives and backstory.... and where Zetsu comes from. I loved it too! It was awesome. Obito looked awesome with long hair and being all Sith apprenticy. It was awesome.

Now; what isn't awesome?

Hinata.... there. I said it. She's like a loose spanner in a beautifully working deus ex machina. For the sake of Hinata having screen time, she tries to sacrifice her life for Naruto every time he's in any amount of danger (okay, only twice. But twice is too often). No wonder her father finds her a giant dissapointment if the only ninja technique she knows is the 'human shield no jutsu'. The moment she decided to save Naruto I felt like I was reading some incoherrant notes scribbled on the back of a hankerchief, that for some reason had been nicely drawn and distributed- you know, like I was reading filler. But unlike actual filler, I'm suposed to take it seriously, and it's hard to ignore her lack of ninja skills or cool moves, or the fact that Neji had to come and save her recurringly suicidal posterior. And that Neji got killed by some random evil ninja twigs for the sake of Hinata's screen time.

Now you could argue that I should never say Hinata is not awesome that Neji had to die to show Naruto that Tobito had a point and that Hinata was there to reassure Naruto to keep fighting..... but I think any moral confusion that takes less than ten pages and can be cured by a practically incoherent statement of 'too many people have died to surrender' is neither the deepest nor most rivoting plot development. I mean, it's stuff on a page. And Hinata is there, horray? Honestly if she wasn't so popular, and I didn't know people wanted to discuiss her, I would have ignored that part, called it a 'lame moment' and moved on. Oh... and if he hadn't held her hand at the end...

...what you doing Naruto? Going to keep her nearby to use as a shield? Huhuhuhuhuhahahaha.

Now I... don't hate Hinata, but I don't like filleresque moments. I wish Hinata could spin in with a giant chakra canon she'd fashioned herself and smite the badies, or ride in on the back of a dragon made from pure chakra and swoop Naruto to safety in its talons, but I guess if she has sufficient body mass to stop incoming projectiles, that's awesome too.

Speaking of awesome.... Tobito's awesome. Actually I think he's slightly too awesome, and has strayed into the realm of 'Strawman has a point', and that's why everytime someone tries to argue with his opinions they're looking goofy.

'The ninja world sucks!'
'No it doesn't!'
'Then why does everyone keep dying? See?'

The problem Tobito's plan isn't actually that evil. He's not going to terrorise, he's not trying to rule people for the sake of his own ego or pride, he's fighting to change the world for the better. Okay, hypnosis is an evil technique used by bad guys, but that alone is not enough to make his arguments invalid. So, actually I'm kind of rooting for him. =D Wouldn't it be interesting to see the world he'd create?

(I should help clarify, because I know this stuff, but yes, Naruto and Hinata holding hands was entirely pairing symbolism. Holding hands is a very brave, forward behaviour for couples in Japan. Yes this implies NaruHina pairing. No this does not imply that they'll both live happily ever after... And no, I'm not saying that all hand contact is romantic. Think of this moment like you would the kiss of life. Sometimes in fiction, it's used to save a life. Sometimes it's just an excuse to show lip action and make terrible jokes about how the hero took the heroine's breath away.)

- bleach spoilers below - bleach spoilers below - bleach spoilers below - bleach spoilers below - bleach spoilers below - bleach spoilers below - bleach spoilers below - bleach spoilers below - bleach spoilers below - bleach spoilers below - bleach spoilers below - bleach spoilers below

Bleach... what to say. Nothing specifically 'cool' has happened...

A lot of plot has been implied. Which is awesome, but... well I can't say 'well, duh' or anythin. I really wasn't concerned about Unohana's identity. I am completely suspicious over Kyouraku now. I don't know what it is but it almost seems like a conspiracy. But that means I have a conspiracy theory and we all know those are wrong- so never mind!

So, Ichigo's gradually traverssing through the levels of... the ... I can't remember the name of the place. Mario Clouds. With Renji, and Kon, who has been horridly experimented on. As they go, the realities of soul society's history and physics are revealed, which would be boring... if it weren't Ichigo, Renji and Kon, and their hosts weren't psychos. Kubo Tite's golden comedy combination. I'm loving it.

So zanpaktou can be people and Kenpachi is stronger than he looks and... conspiracy, I say. I have no solid idea of what's going on yet, but all the little details get the mind racing!
First, everyone, Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays / Winter solstice! It's the season of festivity!

I'm completely exhausted! Finally, it'll be over in a few hours. And I'm going to sleep for a week!

So what'd you guys get? Have a good day, or one of those movie-style-Christmas-disasters? (we all have them, if you've had a bad day this time at least you can turn it into a blockbuster movie script ^^; )

My December's been busy, busy, busy, with family visiting nearly all month, and a very ill granpa, but Christmas was quite nice this year. Doctor Who was on tv this Christmas Day (as usual) and once again, it was a fantastic episode. I got slippers and Christmas jumpers, chocolates and a couple of videogames and some new inking pens (my precious!) We had turkey, beef and pork for dinner (just because there are so many people here)

It's fun and busy, but I'm so very glad that Christmas is only one month. 'x' I'm looking forward to finishing some art!

(I'm even happy that it hasn't snowed. What a Grinch!)
I have a question...

I'm going to do some how to draw tutorials soon. I'm going to do them as video... brave, or foolhardly? In any case watching drawing be done live is a really good way to learn. However, here's the issue. Although I've got good guesses to what people find difficult, having fought the terrible beasts known as 'the knee' and 'hello Mr Hand, what are you doing today?' in the past, I know there's a whole list of things that people really want help with.... except, I don't have this list. I was hoping you guys could help me write it <3

So, answer this question for me, and I'll see what I can do for you! :heart:

What do you want a tutorial for~?

(PS. Sorry for general absense. It shall stop now. Everyone has sucky times in real life, so I'm sure you understand <3)
(Hi, if you're visiting looking for activity- I'm not on a hiatus, I just have THE FLU. Love you for stopping by <3)

Yo! Stuff has happened, I'm excited for these stories, so- it's time for some vague reviews! (Mostly I love reading your comments about them ... 83)

So first, Naruto!

Naruto Spoilers Below-  Naruto Spoilers Below-  Naruto Spoilers Below-  Naruto Spoilers Below-  Naruto Spoilers Below-  Naruto Spoilers Below-


I'm going to be as vague as humanly possible, incase people glancing my page see one particular word - or name, which spoils this chapter for them just as much as my enthusiastic friend - ohohhohoho. But seriously- the last mysterious backstory has(is) being revealed (unless you count 'the great sage's backstory, but as that's time travelling Naruto, we're still reading it.) There was a lot of controversy online about Tobi's identity, some of which I added to... but it was always going to be this. Why else would there have been that short mini-special back when Shippudden was starting? Naruto's like a soap opera- everyone is connected, and so, why would Kishimoto sensei throw away a perfectly saleable plot point that he probably intentionally -put- there in the first place? (When you're planning out your 'secret organisation who're going to take over the world' you -start- by planning the supervillain behind it all.) Maybe it was too obvious... but most Naruto readers are not expected to have read 600 chapters over 12 years, and you're probably more Otaku than you'd like to admit. The majority of the chapter was speechless- and adorable (what a klutz! <3 ) that's going to be interesting in anime. And it's Kakashi-orientated. Given that Kakashi is the most awesome character in Naruto (followed by Minato and Jiraiya) I'm highly enjoying this. I'm not enjoying Naruto himself so much. He's got no suprises left in his bag, and we know from timetravel logic that that's probably his ultimate supersaiyan form and he's not going to settle down with a girl and he's not going to die dramatically.... but at least Kakashi's having a highly inconvinient freak-out! I'm sorry to those who feel... that this darkens you-know-who's memory. But I always saw a dark lining under that silver cloud, thanks to his 'ninja are trash' speech.

Bleach Spoilers Below-  Bleach Spoilers Below-  Bleach Spoilers Below-  Bleach Spoilers Below-  Bleach Spoilers Below-  Bleach Spoilers Below-

There's not as much to say for Bleach as there is for Naruto... and I'll admit that half the chapter I was saying 'SWOOSH! SOMETHING HAPPENED, I CAN'T TELL BUT THERE ARE LOTS OF LINES!' and alternatively counting how many sentences there were. (31, and I'm being generous- about half are meaningless filler) The captain-commander is doing stuff- the captains have a positive response to the fact their leader has joined the battlefield- But I don't really care. I mean, where is Goku? Why isn't he at Namek yet? I don't know. Not the most exciting chapters. Kenpaichi has been used as supervillain fodder, (if you need to prove someone is dangerous, make them defeat your strongest non-lead character off screen!) And I am sad, because I'd rather watch Ken fighting than giant fireball of irritation fighting. It's still pretty though, and Bleach battles don't last very long (there are just LOTS of them)

Doctor Who..? Spoilers? What, Nekoni? Doctor Who spoilers below?

I KNOW. I KNOW. But sometimes I mention random other shows that I enjoy. And one of those is Doctor Who, the new season of which just started up today and was... and was... *headtilt*

Before we start, I'd like to clarify, I loved!disliked! this episode. Like a chocolate chip cookie with questionably too much chocolate chip that has instead become a chocolate bar with bits of cookie embedded in it. I ate it and enjoyed it, and yet...

I'll get this out the way, because unlike the Naruto review I can't make it through this review without saying the word of the subject. Daleks. Ozgm there were SO MANY DALEKS. I could go on and on about the details, but that pretty much explains it all.

The story introduced (and highlighted) confusing plot holes- like  'why are they working like cybermen' 'what happened to all the other color daleks' 'when did Rory stop being a robot how did they even have a kid surely-rory's-to-blame-AH-MY-BRAIN.' but in general was full of stunning visual effects and cohesion, excitement, great writing and a sea of ghouls and monsters- some of which were shocking (the coprse humo-daleks!), others of which were daleks <3.

The writing was great, everything interlocking, everything hinted at and all things leading into big reveals- Stephen Moffat really is my favourite screen writer- and yet... 'eggssterminate' and 'Doctor- WHO?' jokes? I DID NOT EGGSPECT THIS. The best dalek jokes have been the german-speaking daleks, the one that asked 'Would You Like Some Tea?', stairs, and of course the classic hat-over-the-eye-piece-can-you-see?-no-you-can't! -nothing to do with eggs. And the Doctor's funny enough, without smacking against the fourth wall by reciting the name of the show as if it's a punchline to do so. Nope.

At the introduction of the new girl locked in the room I thought by her self-narrative style that she might be a companion for a couple episodes. Then I realised she was a dalek (or humo-dalek). I have to admit I had an advantage (or disadvantage) in that I'd once -glanced- the summary of a Doctor Who fanfic in which a female Dalek pondered the Doctor, and given as this was the home of crazy daleks- (I don't read DW fanfics, I scrolled past it on a page, and naturally, laughed.) that idea suddenly had ground, (especially now that there were humans turning into daleks, left right and center) I think the fact I'd heard of such an off-the-wall idea dampened its effect and genius substantially- still it was a nice story and superbly executed and hinted at, even if it has a few plotholes attached. (like which daleks took her from the crash and turned her only to lock her up, if they can't reach the planet? And why are they, racial purists that they are, even using such Cyberman-esque methods?)

The next episode has Egyptians and Dinosaurs. I don't even. Although it's prone to retcorn and the occasional badly tacky moment, Doctor Who is awesome and this season looks to be awesome too.
Sorry for the general hiatus guys, real-life stuff happened, not lazyness *hugs everyone* I have still been reading and enjoying Naruto and Bleach! So reviews! These reviews are more general since I haven't written any in ages- not a move-by-move of the chapters.

-Naruto spoilers below- -Naruto spoilers below- -Naruto spoilers below-

-Naruto spoilers below- -Naruto spoilers below- -Naruto spoilers below-

So! Recently the Naruto manga reverted to Sasuke! Which needed doing- honestly, I was begining to wonder where he was. I didn't review, because I don't like Sasuke, and those chapters were trying very hard to make me me like Sasuke by putting him NEAR Itachi (the only enviroment in which Sasuke's even SLIGHTLY woobie) It's got this whole 'redemption'/'please understand Sasuke's not evil' (he just wants to massacre civilians for the sins of the government) spin on it that harks back to Pein's bipolar switch from evil-to-good. Unlike Pein, I'm starting to get the feeling that Sasuke won't die in the end... But he should, he's so close to Anikin Skywalker's 'not even the younglings survived' level of evil, death is the only option (that's why Danzou, Itachi and Pein -are- dead). Infact, I rate him as more-evil-than-Tobi. Tobi's at-least killing people to a purpose, and that purpose IS good, if substantially warped.

And speaking of that battle... Itachi is awesome, but the whole thing was just a tad confusing. Izanami? There was a long explanation about how it worked, why it was invented, what the escape technique was, and its symbolic meaning (long explanations of fictional-physics or geography or politics can get very SNORE...) I LOVED Kabuto's motives and flashback (and his look, sorry Orochimaru but Kabuto just carried it off SO WELL.) Speaking of Orochimaru... I didn't realise he could get any MORE like Voldermort, leaving little fragments of himself here and there so people could bring him back- Considering his soul was sealed away in another dimension, a dimension of ULTIMATE BLISS.... he was incredibly easy to resurect, and suprisingly happy about it. But he's back now, I do like it, but it's soooo typical.

Speaking of resurections- Uchiha Madara, (Sasuke ver 0!) and that whole fight... just... cool. I wish it had more pages dedicated to it!

Anyway, up to date and to the latest chapter- the tailed-beast battle's recommencing. Of course, the big statue combines all the tailed beasts. Myup. And Kyuubi can talk through Naruto's mouth? Myup. Have you read those fanfics? Myup. Still, I'm loving it. And what I'm loving more is Tobi... finaly showing his true personality. Again, it's so obvious that it's become fan-canon, but not only does Tobi recognise Kakashi's chidori, but he actually knows... Kakashi. I've got a feeling that a lot of fans will be annoyed by this... near-revelation as to who Obito is. I mean who Tobi is. Because it's 'too obvious' - but Naruto is one of those 'too obvious' stories, it's not Bleach, it gives you a massive supply of Chekhov's Guns (… ), and points to them over and over, so the joy you get it from something finaly being revealed -to the characters-, not to yourself (unless you chose to ignore the guns) (it also makes a habit of tying up any additional loose ends). I can't wait to see Kakashi's reaction when he figures it out! I hope he actually figures it out instead of needing to see Tobi's face, y'know? Kakashi's smart. Please, Kishi-sensei. Speaking of Chekhov's guns--- there was another timetravel-Naruto one this chapter, (point it out and win a cookie) and the chapter ended with 'I will not let you touch the Mazou' >- hey guys, I THINK YOU SHOULD TOUCH THE MAZOU!. From this point on I'm seeing a pretty direct path to the end of Naruto, but it's a fun path- if involving slightly too much time travel.

-Bleach spoilers below- -Bleach spoilers below- -Bleach spoilers below-

-Bleach spoilers below- -Bleach spoilers below- -Bleach spoilers below-

Bleach on the other hand, hides its foreshadowing somewhere on the dark side of the moon. I've no idea how far this war will go before Ichigo powers up manages to save the day (that's the only constant- though it's usually later implied the enemy was some unfortunate victim he's been used to put down after he's done this). And despite the nazi vibes earlier in the story arc, it's a really good story. The quincies killed Hollows with the only techniques they had (you'd do the same if a hollow was in your town, eating your neighbours) and got exterimated for it. It's always been a large, unexplored, and clearly unsavory fragment of Bleach's story--- you know Kubo-sensei has had a LONG time to plan this one out. Since we're only starting out, (with an EXPLOSIVE assault on both Hueco Mundo and Soul Society) I don't know where this is going, and I don't know why Ichigo is being held back, (it's clearly got to be a reason beyond him just being 'strong'- perhaps they can't take hollow abilities) but these quincies have an all new and interesting power and social system, so I'm loving the read!

Two other things to note: Orihime was addressed as 'Princessa'. It IS a play on her name... but it might also be another hint to a greater role in the story than affectious-healing-damsel-in-distress. Not that 'princess of the universe' would be much of an improvement- but it'd explain why she's THERE...

And Byaakuya was naked for one scene (in the illusion he was covered in bugs). Why do I worry that this is going to produce some strange yaoi between him and the Quincy who cast it? o_O Does anyone else worry about stuff like that?

The fact is... our favourite shinigami are being pummeled- it's all out, very sudden war, there's no obvious way of winning, infact you worry some of them are going to actually die (albeit maybe temporarily) it's awesome.

Spoilers over!
Very simple question.

If you were writing a Disney movie, would it be like Hercules, or would it be like The Hunch Back of Notre-Dame? (they only 'adapted' them but you'll understand-)

Hercules is about a demi-god, who is handsome and rides rainbow-dash.His opponents are powerful and crush mountains and catch fire. He saves the day, becomes a true hero, and gets the girl. An optimistic story, full of magic and adventure- completely unrealistic.

Quazimodo has a weird name, weird face, is an outcast from society and lives in a tower. His opponent is a power-hungry-normal-person who is also a weird pervert. He saves the girl (in an odd way) and vanquishes the bad guy(his adoptive father who attacked his mother..?), doesn't get the girl, becomes a true hero,  and as a reward gets to go out in public without being ridiculed by the local french medieval peasants. A pessimistic story in general, full of real-life misery and miserable implications about Quasi's mental state (the statues are talking...)- completely realistic.

You see, I realised, most authors tend to slot perfectly into one of those two catergories with everything they write. They write stories that either say 'life can be brilliant'--- or 'life sucks'. Both are completely valid--- and I watch and read both types, but the optimistic type of story is my favourite. I still watch shows like 'The Walking Dead' (the authors pile the turmoil onto the characters, everything that can go wrong, will) but I'm much more excited to see an episode of Doctor Who, where the day will be saved, it's just a matter of Timelords.

What do you guys prefer, and what type of story do you think you, yourself, might create?
A speech made by Neil Gaiman at a university that can act as inspiration for artists and freelancers of all kinds. If you don't smile, laugh, and (weirdly) feel HUGGED, when you watch this, then you're not human.

>->->->->->- -<-<-<-<-<-<-< Here he is.

I know there are videos on youtube under the same title that load faster- however I can't guarantee they've been uploaded by the rights holders, which would mean I could get banned if I linked to them for having aided internet piracy. LOLFUN. Do your own dirty work!

Neil Gaiman- Now this is one of the few authors I've researched and know everything about. Neil Gaiman is author of Sandman, Coraline, and a Doctor Who Episode, as well as a pleothera of other interesting things. He's even collaborated with Terry Pratchett, and been a valued informant of Alan Moore, both people whom I idolise. HOWEVER--- I'm too young to have ever read Sandman, I'm too old to have watched Coraline, and I'm just the right peripheral demographic to have watched and not liked the Doctor Who episode.

The thing is, though, even though my one experience of him is, 'What did you do to the TARDIS!?' I still KNOW Neil Gaiman's an awesome guy. I always have; it's that sort of inperceptable Chuck Norris awareness that he's awesome- even if you haven't witnessed it. And now I have witnessed it; in his words and in his speech. You've got to watch it, it's so inspiring! I am similtaniously struck by the urge to strive harder at my own ambitions----- and to slack off and go and start reading some of the stuff he's written. 8|

But what pleases me and most makes me feel that Mr Gaiman belongs in my Hall-Of-Idolisation is as thus:
He's British--- I'm British!
Our list of ambitions is practically identical, right down to the DW episode, though mine will be set on the floor of the pacific ocean in an oceanic rift where the sharks are *blathers on*
He has the same nervous disposition about success as I do. Even writing this journal to a few thousand readers means I need wear my tinfoil hat.
He recieved no higher education- and no formal education in his field of expertise. Bringing hope to many of us.
He writes about subjects I love. I love science fiction and comics and warped mythology.
He has curly hair. I have curly hair. *fist pump* WE SHALL TAKE THIS WORLD AS OUR OWN!

See how good that speech is? Kay now stop reading my journal and go listen to it! *jets off to do stuff, powered by NeilGaiman(tm) Inspiration Juice*
I never plug anybody.

I have many reasons for never plugging anybody.

I'm plugging someone. - Aren't you curious to know what could possibly be so awesome that even a grinch like me thinks you have to see it?

:iconbobbyc1225: -Man of no icon, few words, and epic, epic sculpting.

joker  miniature by BobbyC1225Brandon Lee the crow by BobbyC1225
CHRISTOPHER REEVE SCULPTURE by BobbyC1225hellboy close by BobbyC1225
Batmobile, scratch built car by BobbyC1225
(that's right, these are sculpted! -except for the batmobile, which is even more epic.)

I found his account from AdamHughes page (who you already know. I hope.). He only has 2000 watchers so I gambled most of you haven't encountered him on dA (it's actually more likely that you've seen his work in real life!) Enjoy browsing, and be amazed! I know I am.
Once upon a time, on a little internet island named dA there lived a naked tribe of artists. They dressed in nakedness and painted themselves with bodypaint, revelling in their creativity and their nakedness.

One day, the most clever of the artists, who also had the biggest head, created a magical tool called the 'airbrush' tool. And it was wonderful. With this new tool he painted portraits and artwork on his naked hiney. All the other naked tribesmen and uncensored women rounded round his round posterior to gaze and marvel at the creations.

One of the tribesmen spoke... 'I wish to do the same as our most clever, and big-headed kinsman, where can I illegaly download this airbrush tool so that I too may paint portraits of my favourite anime characters, game characters and ponies?' The most clever of the artists replied, and he shared his secrets, and soon, all of the tribe, with various levels of skill, adorned their peachy posteriors with pedantically painted portraits of people, and all was good.

Only... it was a bit... samey.

*closes book* So there you have it.

Now what on earth am I talking about? I've been on dA aaaaalmost as long as it's existed, which is a long time, so I know stuff, so when I say that being on dA can brainwash you into trying to create one particular art style, trust me, it's as close to the truth as I can aim. That's right- if you're an artist here, you'll most likely end up trying to produce in a certain style. (I'm not going to show examples, it might seem like flaming someone. You probably understand without examples)

dA makes you think: COLORING IS AIRBRUSHING:
The truth: The airbrush is -one tool- and can only do so much.

The style people most frequently aspire to use is a style of -coloring-. You see, all the 'best art' has been airbrush-painted to death. (I'm talking about pictures which you would define as 'airbrush' or 'painting' - not cel-shading or comicbook art) A highly detailed, airbrushed picture can look awesome- so you want to do it too, right? Thing is- everyone else thinks so too.- you see the problem.

Do it for fun, to improve your skills, because you feel like it---- but don't do it just because it's considered the most 'awesome'. Chocolate cookies are awesome but there are 12 in a packet and they make you sick if you eat too many. Try some other flavours. They might suit the occasion more. Not everyone likes chocolate, anyway!

The truth: You can do a lot more with a camera.

Another similar case is cosplay on dA. A lot of the anime cosplay shots you see have the colors brightened and have the anime's logo in the corner to make it look more like a cover. It looks good... and the popular people do it- but be aware... you CAN be more creative than this.

If you go to other sites, like - you'll find more raw shots. If you look on asian sites, you'll find everyone likes to take their photos from above and adjust brightness levels to reduce blemishes and make their eyes pop. Different sites end up encoraging different styles.

The truth: This is the most damaging thing you can possibly think!

The same thing happens A LOT when people try to create their own art style. People are often scared of 'copying' and try to build something from thin air- all the while chanting a mantra of 'realism is best, realism is best- even for an anime style I should pay attention to realism instead of the series I like...'

NO. As Stan Lee, (if you don't trust me, trust this guy) has said, "a style is everything you do wrong". If you aim for realism you end up doing more things 'right'- which means you have no style atall. Your mistakes are most likely going to be flat eyes, boring hair and hard to identify characters- and THAT will be your style (as well as the style of everyone who thinks like you). Here's two self-portraits in the 'original' styles I see most frequently on western sites and conventions. Yes, a racial divide does exist (caucasian people more often try to use what they consider 'westerness' to define their style instead of a typical anime face)

Needless to say if you're mixing something like that with over-airbrushing, you've reached the epitome of dA averageness. You might be skilled, kudos. You might draw fish-people with umbrellas for legs dancing on rainclouds- original concept, I admire that. But I would be far more interested in you if you painted in a less average style.

I know there are other 'artistic standards' that permeate dA (and other sites! It's not alone) too, so maybe you can have fun and point of the ones that you've noticed.  -If you can't think of anything, at the very least I hope I provided some good advice =3 (and if my advice is useless, Stan Lee's is good!)
Something I've been thinking about...

Manga and comicbooks.

If you read both routinely, (you're either a pirate, or have a massive stash of treasure! Wait, same thing?) do you consider them to be seperate entities?

If you read one, why don't you read the other?

If you read neither, why are you watching me?

Do you find anything specifically appealing or unappealing about manga or comicbooks?

What would have to change about either manga or comicbooks before they became more accesible for you?

Feel free to answer completely honestly. You're a potential consumer of these things, and as such it's your opinion that matters more than anything else.

Now I'll move onto my opinion...

I've read a lot more manga than comicbooks... I've tried several dozen comicbooks and each time (except rarely, like teen titans) it seems to be about some middle-aged guy with superpowers(!epicgunsqualify) and a personality that takes a back-seat to plot. If I don't relate to, or admire the lead character, I'm not going to care what happens to him. It's not that I haven't had this experience with manga, though, but I don't read those for very long either. 'Concept over character' is a 'male' way of writing and appeals more to male audiences, so it's no wonder comic heroes garner very few female fans. (the fact that the female heroes are usually a gender-bent copy of the males with unusually large bra size, in my opinion, is probably less important than is made out.) A comicbook is definied by its CONCEPT and PLOT above all else.

Contarily, whenever I read a manga, (and can end up liking one) it's the characters' personalities that grabs me. Whether it's the otaku nature of Gintoki, or the take-no-nonsense attitudes of Ichigo and Rukia, or Luffy's almost ignorant ambition, I would likely read about those characters even if they were written into a different universe. Character-central writing and reading is considered more 'female', but manga uses this in addition to interesting concepts, which are 'male'. That gives it a bi-gender, and blurred gender profile and explains why it appeals to both genders so well. Add to that the fact that being able to relate to a character is considered by many to be -the- single most important factor when getting to like a story, and that popular manga have young, fresh characters with high ambitions, that explains why it's more popular with a younger audience, (and whoever is still young at heart). Popular manga, also, aren't afraid of making a teenager smarter (Yagami Light) or more powerful than many adult counterparts (Naruto) - which although 'unrealistic'- for a teenager is exiting to read.

Now for a simile. Both comicbook and manga markets are much like a rainforest conopy. Whenever a tall tree falls, the smaller trees will race to fill the gap. For manga, a tall tree will fall whenever the creator decides to quit (Naruto and Bleach will end soon- watch carefully). For comicbooks, given different ownership rights, an endless supply of writers and artists will work on a title, keeping the tree upright for so long as it is considered even moderately profitable. However, that means that we still have, let's use the easiest example-- Clark Kent, a newspaper reporter, still being produced in a time when newspaper reporters are undergoing, serious negative press- (pun intended) how is a teenage boy meant to idolise this person!?. His concept (a superpowered alien from outerspace) is now so used and reused it's gone to a definition far beyond 'cliché', how is that meant to capture this theoretical customer's imagination either? If a story like Superman was to start fresh today, -even if it was a manga-, it would be criticized heavily and no one would buy it. The brand 'Superman', a retro-curiosity and a long-term following are arguably what keep this title afloat, as opposed to actual interest in content. To be clear, it's not that I don't think the authors can't write, and the artists can't draw and color, because, oh boy, they can! Their talents aren't just being used to their full potential! The reason (I feel) that comicbooks aren't as popular as they could be is entirely from a lack of freshness of concept and character. That isn't to say that fresh, new titles aren't produced either... but they are almost completely obscured from the public's eye by the canopy of these larger, staple titles that never fall.

So where am I spending my money as a customer? Manga (I'm mainstream manga's target audience). What about you?

Please, don't respond simply assuming I'm being anti-comicbooks, I want to know your opinion instead of a weird reaction.
I got distracted from catching up with One Piece and now I'm reading Blue Exorcist...  34 chapters is less daunting than 600 chapters. I'm a coward I know. I'll make up for it somehow.

Naruto Review - Spoilers Ahoy! (ah, that's how.)

Naruto got the cover for Shonen Jump this week ^,^ because of Sakura. CAN YOU STILL HATE HER? I doubt Hinata would have gotten an Hanami themed cover for them! Hah!

I'm just stoking the fires of shipping war for cheap a laugh. I'm sorry. Hinata's adorable too. I'd love a pet one.


Onto the pages!


Well to be honest this chapter was just one, massive 'stating of the obvious' for whoever out there hadn't figured out Sasuke's motives, and I don't really know what to say to that. It's not like an 'ahah!' or anything... it doesn't leave us curious of anything... I'm sure the tiny fraction of readers (who had no idea why Sasuke might want to attack Konoha) were relieved- but I don't think this was a big reveal and as such it wasn't a particularly inspiring chapter. It happens to the best of them, I guess.

Anyway... Kabuto asks Sasuke to join the Dark Side- HIS Dark Side...  but Sasuke's like, 'noo I have my own Dark Side'. At which points he flashbacks to the time he was in that other  Dark Side, hanging out with Tobi at a bar (he's not 21 yet... must've bought a soda)  in big black hooded capes like a Sith Master and his Sith Apprentice. He almost pulls a sadistic Obi Wan and cuts someone's hand off for disrespecting his brother. But Tobi's totally like, 'No, my young apprentice. Do not be foolish, we shall continue with ouur plaaaaaans.' and you know Sasuke's gonna' totally get burned in lava in the end.

Sorry.. where did I go just now?

Only thing is that the partner attack for Izanagi is called Izanami? It's too be expected, because all of Itachi's attacks thus far have been named after parts of Izanagi's legend. Though I wonder how much the attack will resemble the goddess aside from the name? Izanami famously went all zombie-psycho at the end of her legend, so it could be pretty interesting.

Though what's worrying is how Itachi describes it, it sounds like it's -literaly- a God-Mod jutsu.... oh well this series stepped over the 'God Modding is not allowed!' line and punched the guard in the face a LOOOONG time ago! At least if Sasuke learns this, he'll be able to fight Naruto on more equal terms!

So all in all... very meh chapter.

Bleach Review - Avast ye Spoilers!

Urahara... is so awesome and sneaky. 'I was waiting for the right moment outside of the window!' -yeah. YEAAAH. WE DON'T TRUST YOU, NOT REALLY! I mean your name is Urahara. You're just a total sneaky creep with an awesome HAT.

I loved the comedy leading into this chapter- I mean I know there's blue fire everywhere and that's importantly and has so much puntential now that I'm reading Blue Exorcist... but the comedy was awesome. Especially since it was delivered by cute, adorable, huggable, soft, green, mossy, smelly little Nel!

And Pesche.

And Ichigo.

You know what I'm talking about.

They find massacred Hollows- Ichigo covers Nel's eyes (KEEP HER! YOU'RE MAKING SUCH A GOOD DADDY!) Not that that held my attention for as long as it should have....

You see, Orihime's walking about in thigh high socks and little tiny shorts. I can't for the life of me figure out WHY. I mean it's not as dumb a thing to wear to a battle as a metal bikini with a very lewd gap in the chestplate- but it's still pretty dumb. Is it that warm in Hueco Mundo that she didn't think to bring a jacket, either? I mean I know I'm probably being too sensible, but couldn't she have at least brought a Swiss-army-backpack. Maybe with some bento boxes? It would at least -imply-that they're not going to starve/freeze/have no toilet roll. It's not like she's going to do much fighting, so she could at least carry the backpack. -I'm just kidding anyway... I know she's wearing it and carrying nothing because she looks hot and manga characters don't need to eat (especially those with a figure to maintain) - still I laughed at how un-battle-ready she looks.

Anyway yes, onto plot- ahum... ... Ichigo goes to save the Hollows. YEEEEY ICHIGO! I don't know why I'm so happy. Well, I do- it's because Hueco Mundo Hollows don't eat people and Aizen wasn't entirely evil so they're all potential villains-made-comrades which is totally one of my favourite plot twists! But yeah.

The Hollows are being taken to 'Kirge Opie'. ... say, can any of you remember that name? -for sorting. Now this is where I got some uncomfortable Nazi vibes... I think it's mostly because that (as Quincy) I know they're going to start shouting out their attack names in German. I'm sure Kubo (who is japanese) doesn't know how easy it is to step over the line for western readers or what sort of verbal and visual puns he's creating... so I'll forgive him- still I hope it reverts to normal quickly ^^;

I was soooo happy to see Halibel's girls be the first to pop up, though! Of course, as her devoted followers, they were going to be. And I know they're most likely going to be put down very easily by the distinctly hard-line and evil-from-our-POV Quincies. Still, it's right, you know?

Anyway I enjoyed the Bleach chapter, despite the brief discomfort! I can't wait for more!

End Spoilers... ARH!
And now, your Naruto and Bleach reviews!

Naruto review - spoilers below

I shall review this chapter of Naruto in the form of the script that Masashi Kishimoto originaly wrote it.

Kabuto: Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack!

Sasuke: Ouchie! I can't see!
Itachi: Ouchie! I can't hear! How inconvinient!

Itachi: trolled. *saves Sasuke*

Kabuto: Hey, you tricked me, like a ninja. *turns into a bat*

Itachi: Hey Sasuke, remember that time we've never mentioned before?

Sasuke: I sure do!

-cool explosive tag-team battle-

Itachi: Ough you killed me! Oh wait *turns into crows again* trololol!

Itachi: I love you Sasuke.
Sasuke: I feel no regret for nor can I remember killing you.

Mmmhyup that sums up my thoughts. Onto Bleach!

Bleach review - spoilers below

(oh my god, Ichigo, don't just hold her like a puppy that's peed on itself! Give the adorable thing a HUG!!!! (Unless she did pee on herself...))

Kubo Tite breaks this DRAMA with a PESCHE brand SLEDGEHAMMER! It's amazing how he takes drama and turns it into comedy and then turns it back on the next page. That, after the cool designs, storyline, unqiue characters, cinema-style narrative and beautiful art style, is the biggest reason I love Bleach.

The next few pages is a classic example of that cinemato..tography? Anyway. Look how the tense, dramatic conversation between Byakuya and Renji starts from behind, then sort of moves slowly round to be infront while he talks. Yeah. I paid basically no attention to the text either. I have my theories about Choujirou Sasakibe (reverse Gin?) but for now let's watch his funeral and pretend he's definitely dead.

It's nice to know literaly how Hueco Mundo continued after the Aizen arc... Halibel being the new governess? Suits her so well! (It's okay to be fond of Hueco Mundo hollows- they only need to eat souls when they're in the real world... *sly glance at Nel* ...hah, picture that for a second would you?) Anyway the eeevil Quincies (a real bunch of Bad Apples! Bad joke!) are using Arrancars as their minions... now that's got a lot of interesting possibility. For example... how do they control them? 8D Will they target other possible 'employees' with Hollow abilities? What do they feed their pet Hollows? What on earth did they want with DONDOCHAKKA of ALL PEOPLE?

So they're off to Hueco Mundo again, with the help of Urahara! Who is EXTRA helpful this time, which is HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS. And Ishida declines to go- also HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS! Watch those spaces people!!!

Another cinema... dictionary time... cinematographic fly-by of a character... this time a bishounen. *tilts head* Well hello there, fangirl bait, what might your name be? White hair? You're going to need protecting from the masses. Any volunteers, out there?

Anyway... as a whole, Bleach is really... making me want to read more now. There are so many freshly baited hooks and questions and possibilities of disasters, betrayals and beloved-character-revivals... I'm kind of sad this will be the last arc... but at the same time at least it's going to die with some serious dignity, and we're going to get some real solid answers!

Reviews Over
Hai Guys. I'm back!

And by the way, I've started reading One Piece... I'll be up to date with it early next year I think... horray for 'The Big Three'!

As before- spoilers below.

-Naruto 579-


Ahm. First...

Cute cover this chapter- and I can say cute now that it's revealed that Kyuubi's not a real youkai- he's just very tsundere. Just he was never a cute school-girl tsundere so no-one ever gave him a benifit of the doubt.

So as we know Itachi's always loved his village and his little brother and happy joy joy Barney The Dinosaur- which is why he's fighting Kabuto... - and Sasuke just hates snakes. Cool fighting explodey stuff (basically what Naruto's boiled down to now ^^; ) and Kabuto's explaining how he's taken advantage of everything Orochimaru's done. Kind of like an evil-genius-barnacle. Yeah... It's nice to see an elaboration on the 'Sage' and summons stories, even as a side-comment like that, because honestly I was begining to think Naruto had no challengers atall.

I'm sure people are swooning over Itachi and Sasuke fighting together but Sasuke already passed over the moral event-horizon for me so I don't -care- what happens to him. It's unlikely he's ever getting out. *roots for Itachi instead* GO ITA-KUN!!!

Oh and we found of Karin's last name.

I laughed. SO. HARD. So very hard. So, so so, SO very hard.

With Kyuubi being good, the 4th being Naruto's father AND leaving a sort of memory imprint in his mind, and now this? It seems to be that Kishimoto-sensei is determined to fufil all fan speculation, even those based on hair color! What's next? Tobi will be Obito? Kakashi will be handsome underneath his mask? Jiraiya's alive?

-Bleach 485-

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. I didn't see any of this coming! actually, I did, because I read the spoilers that Kubo Tite happily hands out...

Firstly, I gotta' say this though. Is that Kenpachi's dad? Because, it really looks like Kenpachi's dad. If it's not Kenpachi's dad, it's going to be Kenpachi's eventual opponent. That guy just has Kepachi written accross his rather Kenpachi-like face. Who's with me here?

And there was funny stuff... I sort of phased it out. Who are these new people? Are they going to dissapear? I think they are.

Bleach finally shed its 'none of the good guys ever die' shell, by killing Choujirou Sasakibe... uhm? You know, the old guy with the moustache? Nono, this one...; I know, you don't care.

Orihime accidentally flirted with Ishida... poor guy. Of course he likes her- you know this, because it's so heavily hinted at. Or something like that. *grin*

Onto the stuff I actually care about... LEGASP, NEL FELL FROM THE SKY!!! Pleading for help! What ISH DIS? She's so cute, save her Ichigo.

And Halibel... who is awesome... captured, doom. They're using arancars... it smells like PLOT, doesn't it? It's awesome. I'm just waiting for Grimmjow now.

I'm not suprised plot is restarting- because, technically, Aizen's story didn't actually finish. The Fullbring arc was apparently CUT from the earlier story (storywriting tip 1: If your story works without the introduction, cut it) and I'm pretty sure the only reason it was allowed in recently was because the end of Bleach is actually approaching, so it was a sort of filler... so you're not likely to see any of the Fullbringers around again- sorry if you actually liked them. =) So basically imagine that never happened and you have the REAL story flow- which we're getting into now. I'm so excited!

Spoilers Over

I hope that was coherent! I'm absolutely dizzy but I liked the mangas, Bleach expecially, this week, and had to review. Remember to comment to prove you haven't all been entirely brainwashed by brightly colored ponies! If no-one's read the manga anymore I'm going to assume it's armegedon and start panic-buying.