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May 2, 2008
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Naruto Tensei -Chap 4 -Page 2 by nekoni Naruto Tensei -Chap 4 -Page 2 by nekoni
chapter 1 - [link]
chapter 2 - [link]
chapter 3 - [link]

cover - [link]
page 1 - [link]
page 2 - here
page 3 - [link]


Mitarashi Anko demands a date!


'Your answer was 'Kushina'! Survey says? X! The correct answer is 'Anko'!'

Who coulda' guessed? Behhh not many of you (maybe a few of you did ‘cuz you read the fanfic version of chapter 1. You can find it from [link] ) Anko probably would be able to strike fear into Minato's heart, she's probably the second scariest female in the show, after Tsunade of course.

‘Why Anko?’ ‘Why not Kushina?’ because my dear readers, PLOT~. I shall say no more than that.

And ‘is this a pairing?’ … ehhh. Anko DOES like Minato (I based that on a line she said to the third, she obviously respected him (that’s why he’s ‘sama’ too)) but I’m really going to keep this doujinshi away from the ‘romance’ pool. Everything’s staying on the level Kishimoto uses, genre and rating-wise.

Though I do like the concept of this pairing for a couple reasons. Their hairstyles amusingly match, they have things for high collars and Nato and Anko are both bean products. Nishishi, it amuses me.

Oh, and yes. I am sitting here in my chair, stroking my pet cat and laughing evily. Just as you thought you could predict my movements… Muwahahah.

I had fun drawing her, I remember, I’m going to enjoy drawing her again when she next shows up.

Also enjoyed was drawing Minato with that expression!

Umm that’s all, please enjoy! Comments will be used as anti-perspirant for Minato.

Next page in the artist's comments I will explain why an adult woman asking an adult man out is completely unweird *gives certain commenters a stare* Right, onwards!
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CarmenBiat Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  New member Student Artist
ShinanaEvangelian Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
If Minato does go out with anyone, Kushina would be pissed.
LJUBLANA Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
escape no jutsu enyone?
46animelover Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
I never really came to like Anko that much, but I don't dislike her either
(love how you drew her)
TheIllusiveMan90 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
SilverandStar32 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I wish it was Naruto's mother then everything will be perfect.
Divine8 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Kinda looks like minato has a WTF face. Someone make an icon of that!
AJNZulu Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013
Never expected such a pairing!!! The crazy snake lady!! I love Anko, but not this way! Come on. Poor Kushina.
avdsouza Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013
:( i agree with you.
mychelromance Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013  Student General Artist
I like Anko but......... not with Minato! :O
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