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August 5, 2008
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Greatness Has Its Roots by nekoni Greatness Has Its Roots by nekoni
I've been terribly sneaky and taken a break from working, oh I'm so bad...

Sketchyness is... because... I've seen quite a few sketchy arts recently and wanted to try it out. It's a bit difficult for me because I'm very, er, 'generous' with lines and generally treat them as a skeleton for my inking- still, I tried to not be too fussy and tried to not do any drastic erasing.

Coloring's some pretty rough airbrushing, not SUPER-rough but not meticulous either, that'd just look retarded with messy lines!

Don't ask me where my color obsession comes from, I just love splurging on bright hues.

Uuuh.. tree.
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Itachi-Kitty Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2010
I love the symbolism. I find that Naruto is 'sunrise' Sakura 'sunset' Sasuke obviously 'nightfall' and Kakashi 'dawn' Like a cycle!
Sakuraroxsox Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2009
ToonTwins Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very cool XD

I like the concept and the colors :D
amnerine Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2009   Traditional Artist
Great coloring and a good deal of meaning behind the picture as well! Very poster worthy ^^
kamikengen Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
I like symbolism creatively used.

Great job.
vaveevo Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2009
Very nice play on color. <3
numerounochicklick Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2009
this is a really fantastic peice of art. Nice going!
Alodia-Belle Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009
Hehe, this reminds me of winnie the pooh. XD It's so cute! I love it!
tenshi-hatake Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
just love love LOVE it :D
sry005 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
You know, using the tree to seperate them is genius. That way, it's easier to seperate them into their coresponding color belonging to the sky then it would be without it. And as I said, the colors match them perfectly, and there is even a bit of meaning hidden in them.

Sasuke is just like night, dark and beautiful, but still showing a personality detached from all that. Naruto is obviously as bright as day AND the sun combined, and showers that cheerfullness onto his friends like a waterfall, often taking away their pain--even if for a bit. Sakura is inbetween them, and, at least pre-timeskip, shows her true self in short minutes a day, but is still as wonderfull as the previous two(you know, because her color olny comes in the short period of time it takes for day to turn into night and vise versa?). Kakashi isn't really one color, but has many different sides to him, a lighter one and a darker one, but usualy tries to stay cheerful (or stay on his lighter side) to hide his past scars for the people precious to him now.

.... *stares at post*

Wow, I did NOT mean to go that deep. x'D Anyway, great picture, you did really well<3
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