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「ワンパンマン」のオリジナルを今読んでいます。こちらのページです… この漫画は少し....
I usually only like to post positive journals, but here's a negative one, and it's about something I think is a problem for all geniune fanartists.

That and I want to make my stance clear.

I'll be honest, personally, seeing people selling fanart (and of course, fanart nudes (and of course, fanart nudes of underage characters.)) on patreon is this gutwrenching feeling of.... the Titanic sailing towards the iceberg...

I support patreons with great causes, educational material, and those creative artists using the platform to bring their ideas out to an audience without a specific publisher...

And I do understand the 'couple thousand dollars' line that a lot of japanese companies like to allow fanartists by way of grace, and the small monetary tolerance most companies throughout the world have adopted, despite the criminal nature of selling fanart.

But the amounts some, admittedly talented artists, are earning through copyright infringement is just -insane-... the only possible reason it's there is because patreon's moreorless a year old and no-one's looked yet. I know at least one company that -loves- to sue people over much, much less.

It's not as if Patreon actually allows this, it's against their policy and they have a complaints agency. But they take no pro-active approach to it. If anyone remembers, back when youtube was getting sued and threatened with shutdowns, it had the same approach.

What's going to happen...? Nothing? Will just those extremely high-selling 'fan'artists be taken down, or sued? Will patreon be attacked for its blindeye policy and as an easier alternative to going after all the fanartists? Will the people I support be hit? Is it -safe- to use patreon for legal stuff, or are original creators building up on a site that risks being shut down the second one company takes action and it hits the news?

I already feel like, as a fanartist, I'm being associated with these sellers, and every time I see patreon logos over Naruto's foot or Elsa's chest, which is about one in 6 fanarts I view on dA, I worry. I know there's a thin line artists can tread, where a blonde pigtailed girl in an ordinary school uniform 'could or could not be' Sailor Moon. I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about clear likenesses, with trademarks being displayed openly, and thousands of dollars trading hands weekly.

But that's only my perspective, am I, moderately alone in this? I've got friends who worry about it too, but they're bookwriters and comic creators, and I've published work too.... But what does everyone else think? Harmless? Or the impending apocalypse? What effect do you think this has maybe had on the fanart community as a whole? Or fanartists by their nature?

Despite this I'm still okay with people who buy or sell commissioned fanart of a harmless nature (such as tattoos, murals, plushies, figures or just personal happiness), as most creators don't frown on this atall. What disturbs me is this 'full time employment / pay me to download' approach. It's new, and it could easily upset the balance of fanishness and tolerance that fanartists worked so hard to create with content creators over the last 50 years.
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Kagamine Rin and Len in my style ^u^

Please do zoom in or fullview at… (you can rate/collect there too)

I was listening to a certain song whilst drawing this- digital cookies for correct guesses =3

And do you guys want to see other series in my art style? Vocaloid doesn't really 'have' its own, so I used mine... what would you like to see? ;)
Vegeta The Christmas Tree by nekoni
Vegeta The Christmas Tree
Heeey guyyys! I am. Very Late. With this super retro christmas gift voted for by you guys~ 

I hope you enjoy! Even if it's a little unseasonable!

I have to admit I was suprised to have so much support for a Dragonball idea ^^; how oldschool! Takes me back to the old days, making jokes about the grumpy Vegeta. Ahh, before we knew he just a big 'tsundere' because that wasn't a word yet =). ああ〜ツンデレはいつもいいですねー

Why am I late? I got an injury, I'll spare you the details  because it's more interesting than my picture.

Laugh at Vegeta! Or pity him for this insufferable fool's shennanigans!

Also avliable on pixiv - y'know, no reason, just saiyan'.…



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:bulletgreen: Thanks for your visit! I'm Nekoni. I'm a proffesional digital artist (mostly illustrator). My deviantart account is for what I draw for fun in my spare time, which is mostly fanart (Naruto, Bleach etc).

Please have fun! And thankyou for any watches and faves, they're not the reason I draw, but I feel very honoured to receive them!:bulletgreen:


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HAPPY HOLIDAYYYYYYYSS!!!!!!!!!!<3 <3 Love ya! bwahahhaha enjoy!
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tus dibujos me encantan y son increibles XD, la verdad me gusta mucho naruto , tu comic es muy interesante y  espero ver el siguiente capitulo de tu comic :3
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A little suprise for you:…
Please comment this journals=) (Smile)
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Hi, I like your work. I'm a huge fan of Naruto. 
Um, about the comics you made, so what do you do with it?
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After 15 years, it is finally finished! The last 2 chapters of Naruto came out today, and they were...beautiful.
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Is it someone's birthday? I wonder whose birthday it could be.
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i really love your naruto tensei doujinshi! so good!
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greaaaaat greaaaaat work!!!!
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