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Hey guys... it's been forever since I reviewed a manga chapter! Right? Well *cough* I was tempted on the little Orochimaru and Mitsuki special that recently came out, boy was it nostalgic to see Kishimoto get to do a fresh backstory! Nostalgia tastes like mangos!

However I just read the Boruto, 1st chapter, courtesy of my buddy and... ah.. fair warning I did have 2 full on giggle fits over it. Anyway. Spoilers ahead! Read at your own interest!

Also FYI I haven't watched the last two Naruto movies. Because y'know, not being a Hinata or a Boruto fan, so they sounded boring!

There is no link here! So please head to your regular manga supplier ^^;


So the first chapter opens with a-!!! Flashforward to a cooler time to try and hook people! Boruto's all grown up and not a whiny sucker, as he will be for the next N-hundred chapters or until the weekly rating drops low enough for it to be canceled =) but read it anyway! Because eventually he'll be a missing nin have a scar, a power-tattoo and use byakugan and a sword! Yeah!? Yeah you gonna' fall for that? And Konoha's been blown up and Naruto's 'dead' (probably assumed to be caught in the explosion, w/e. stop crying). Do you have any idea how much suck you're going to have to sit through to get to this point? Try the first chapter first and see how you fare! Here we go!

It's our hero, Boruto! His dad is Naruto, so we should care. Also Naruto is now cursed with SUCKY SALARYMAN FATHER syndrome so common in Japan, and Japanese teens will strongly enjoy this moral lesson about how though they aspired to be like Naruto, they'll actually turn into someone they hate! Oh wait. You mean they were meant to associate with Boruto and absorb his moral story of 'don't hate your sucky dad' first? Ahaheh. Well they're both awesome, take your pick!

Super thumbs up!

Introducing next! Boruto walks down the stairs in his home to see his mot-haaAHAHAHHAHA;;; HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA HAHAHA. HHAHAHAHA *falls down onto floor* HAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHHHAHGEHGgegeehhahahaaa!!! 

If you're legitimately upset about the size of her chest, I have no pity for you *salute* but I still like you as a person.

It's okay, that's not actually Hinata anyway. It's some new chick.

So Boruto and his team go out to do a mission and they're fighting aba, aHAHAH

I shouldn't laugh. I totally had the exact same plot in my fanmanga (and everyone arguing in the comments about whether it was an actual bear! uncanny!) Actually, that's why I laugh. RABID PANDA ATTACK AHHH RUN RUN!

Mitsuki and Naru- UH BORUTO defeat it, and Sarada doesn't punch it (good thing or the WWF would sue her!) and Konohamaru introduces the new thing that'll be talked about because it's a new way of jutsu and... this talking's SO much like the first chapter of Naruto right? Gets ya' hooked!

Talky talky talky...

Boruto gets to talk to busy busy Naruto about how gifted he is, Naruto treats him like an employee by talking to his superior. Oh Naruto-kun you're the best! It's great you had to be turned into THIS to give Boruto enough family drama for there to be any plot!

Chuunin exams coming up, is introduced, with more talking.

Meanwhile! Shifty guy enters (entering a room is an action! right?) I'm not learning your name fat-man. Naruto tells him where to hang it, and shifty guy gives Boruto a video-game to fill some pages with later. Y'know cuz it really sucks to play life with a cheat-code input, moral, something. Maybe it's refering to the weapons. Who knows. Who cares.

We see Moegi's team... there's some pages there.

Boruto doesn't get to play with his friends, at a Burger... restaurant? Okay. Can I get Sarada with that? Sarada declares she wants to be Hokage. We see more whining about Boruto's (narratively forced) sucky life situation. It's just like when Naruto, in the first chapter, used sexy jutsu! Loveable!

Creepy man stalks Boruto so you know he's up to no good.

And Boruto goes home for Himawari's birtday party! She's... short! years old! Waiting for him is Naruto, who's finally decided to not be a sucky shell of his former self! But oops! It's a shadow clone. Party Ruined. Boruto gets mad... and Hinata... actually speaks up------------ I don't know whether this is good or bad, because I disagree with what she's saying. She uses cry-no-jutsu to win the argument.

Think about it for a second, Naruto, who has all these shadow clones, STILL has as little time off as the hardest working Hokage did? Seems legit.

Onwards! Boruto goes and gets mad again. Throws out some nostalgic fan traps, and goes to punch Naruto, who actually turns out to be Snape! 

The repeating of Boruto-is-mad-why-is-Boruto-mad?-Because-Naruto-Boruto-is-mad-why-is-Boruto-mad?-Because-Naruto-Boruto-is-mad-why-is-Boruto-mad?-Because-Naruto-Boruto-is-mad-why-is-Boruto-mad?-Because-Naruto is actually a little dizzyness inducing. It's also trying to step in for ANY ACTUAL THING HAPPENING *throws book out window* NOW YOU CAN TELL I'M MAD AT IT IF I DO THAT 10 MORE TIMES!!!

Sasubait leaves and goes to see Naruto. He gives Naruto a scroll which might be the -tinyest, eensiest little sniff of a plot- (that and suspicious pedo-vibe fat man.) does some nostalgic stuff and leaves. 

Boruto follows Sasuke and politely asks to be his disciple. Cue Jabba-the-hutt faces, and chapter ends on that ensnaring cliffhanger!!!

Yeah.... that kind of... sucked.

So we still have the ruining of old characters, (especially our beloved Naruto) ZERO plot progression, no rivotting action and... an art style that.... I won't say it's bad. But it's soulless. The eyes don't really 'look' in the right way, they're all drawn as the same, fully lined almond shape, with no lashes... they've got to be the thing that really makes it look bad. But it's not really ruining a good plot, and I've seen much worse! (as done to Magi's Sinbad) so... yeah, it's the eyes. I suspect one of the previous background artists (at least) is still working on the project, as backgrounds are sort of the hardest part of Naruto to really get.

I've also got to say the sudden shift between 'Naruto-ISH' for male characters and 'I wish I was drawing a shojo manga =(' for female characters is more than a little jarring. I'm not saying they're good at it, but the huge eyes and the extra eyelashes (women get eyelashes.) and hair detail contrasts on the women contrasts so jarringly with the male characters; it just doesn't work!

Well! That's my review! I gave it a chance! There are other manga I'm dying to read more than this. Whether you stick with Boruto or not, it's up to you! But maybe this'll help you clarify your feelings about it. As always, discuiss below! Even if we don't agree, let your feelings out! Love you guys forever! <3
Commission: Piercing Light
*puffs cheeks* ah that's a cheesy title.

Okay! Another commission for Stalker-of-Neji  - This one was a little tough! But still fun ^u^

This is the last commission I'll upload for now!

As usual, watch my journals for commission openings, and-

I finally finished my tutorial for how to draw pages like this! So check out those links be-low! <3


Manga Fundamentals:…

Naruto Manga Tutorial: 

Part 1…
Part 2:…
Just uploaded my HUGE 'How to draw a Naruto manga page' tutorial over at

Here's part 1!:…

I'm super proud of this tutorial, I've been studying for years! Yeah... studying... *looks at stack of manga*
Hey guys! 

What's a good mid-range microphone for a youtube channel? I've been trying to get ready to start my own channel, well, I'm nearly there! The last missing piece is a high quality microphone. I'd love to hear your suggestions! Price is no issue! Except if it's more than $100. Because y'know, that's an issue OTZ

I'm specfically looking into stand, desk mics. If you have videos or audio samples of your microphone, (or your favourite youtubers and their mics!), please share! I know this'll help not just me, but other aspiring youtubers >u< thanks in advance guys!

(BTW I will be posting some pretty epic things this weekend! Stay tuned, Nekoni out!)
Commission: Moonshine by nekoni
Commission: Moonshine
Kotone (girl) belongs to Stalker-of-Neji and Masakazu belongs to Sol; this is another commission ^_^

I did quite a few commissions so, sorry if this is boring anybody! And I know this is making a lot of you miss my fanmanga. Well... that's soon to be resolved *winks like a pro* yeahyeahyeah!

If you want a commission please subscribe to my journal, t'is where I announce them.

So this page, it was almost a kiss! But the 'nearly' kiss is more romantic somehow ^_^ Hard to do in Naruto-style, romance!

'Are you staring at me because you like me.... or are you trying to use a jutsu on me?'


Manga Fundamentals:…

Naruto Manga Tutorial:

Part 1…
Part 2:…



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