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Cloud Strife by nekoni
Cloud Strife
I don't know if some of you guys will believe me... but I drew this on a whim. And then everyone I showed excidetedly told me about Super Smash Bros including him >u<. Coincidences are fun! But in any case, here's some nostalgic cloud!

By the way, my sister and I named our horse (he's got pretty greeny eyes) Cloud. Because Cloud rules <3 

-Used one texture from our good friends at

-Please rate on pixiv at ~…

-And two notices! I'll be opening up commissions soon (please wait for my journal - I'm currently fixing my computer)~ and I'll also be starting an art blog on tumblr that shows step by steps, so please stick around if you're interested in those ^u^ 
For all ye bored ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to give you something to try~ 

Mekaku City Actors is a something of a slice of life take on superheroes. It can be really frustrating to watch... if you're waiting for answers. The artwork is very bizare and references the songs on which the series is based, and another thing that people seem to hate... so, you've been warned. Howeeever it's funny, the characters are interesting, it's unpredictable, unique, and to the front and foremost- it's very deep, so much so that if you understand what you just watched immediately after the last episode, you're an absolute genius. (I do recommend knowing about japanese lore- and not the Supernatural 'it's a wolf-kami so it's a japanese chick with sharp teeth' level) I even think the artstyle is really pleasant, if the designs are a little clunky because of its indie roots.

So give it a try, if you don't like it, run fast! If you have some suggestions of your own, I'd like to try more new things without having to randomly watch anime and end up with moe moe idol girl dystopian robot fighters again.

And if you have watched Mekaku City Actors... did you get it? =)
  • Mood: Yearning
If Hinata did not marry Naruto... by nekoni
If Hinata did not marry Naruto...
Hinata... as Hachiko! She'd never stop waiting!

I'll be honest... I legit got teary eyed drawing this...

...having to google Hachiko... ah... the feels. I'm sorry Hachiko... I'm sorry...

Once again rate it if you like on pixiv…

Skyscrapers. Reminds me of another manga I know ;)
Star Shooter's Aviator Miku by nekoni
Star Shooter's Aviator Miku
I drew this at the same time as my Star Shooter artwork =X well, it was too cute as a sketch so I did a quick line and color. (I was going to post yesterday but was waylaid by a worthy cause, making a quick poster for my friend who's helping with flood-relief donations at #Banzaicon)

The theme is 'cute aviator'! It's not super detailed but the straps, long sleeves... I turned the usual aviator scarf into a cute bow. =X

More deviations are on their way! Don't worry that's enough Miku for now~

Picture's on pixiv… if you wish to rate~
Star Shooter by nekoni
Star Shooter
Ah. What can I say. Secret addiction?

Secret addiction to twintails that is...

I felt like drawing Miku as a way to break in my newest art software~ oh who is 'I'? I know I haven't posted in forever. Haha. You shall never know. *slower covers user name with left hand* =X

Vocaloid fans give me a 'Heey!' Vocaloid haters *grovels at feet* I'm so sorry for doing this to you, I understand your suffering...

Please check pixiv if you wish to rate/ see a ridiculously high size pixel version!… or press download to the right of this page '^e^'

(i)thanks to for bokeh!



Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
:bulletgreen: Thanks for your visit! I'm Nekoni. I'm a proffesional digital artist (mostly illustrator). My deviantart account is for what I draw for fun in my spare time, which is mostly fanart (Naruto, Bleach etc).

Please have fun! And thankyou for any watches and faves, they're not the reason I draw, but I feel very honoured to receive them!:bulletgreen:

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